Discover the Wonders Journey in Miyagi
Sendai Area

It has been 400 years since Date Masamune constructed Sendai Castle. Sendai was the largest and prosperous castle city in Northern Honshu (the main island of Japan). It is known as the City of Trees with rows of zelkova and gingko trees, with natural surroundings such as the Hirose River and Mt. Aobayama. You can enjoy walking around historic places and shopping malls extending east-west and north-south infresh air.

Matsushima Area

When Basho visited Matsushima on June 25, 1689, he wrote that Matsushima was the greatest scenery in Japan in his book of travels in the Tohoku region. The view of Matsushima, with its over 260 small islands,is nothing short of being one of three most scenic spots of Japan. It is also beautiful when lit by fireworks or the moonlight, or covered with snow. It has various delicious delicacies, including oysters.

Osaki, Kurikoma and Tome areas

The northern area of Miyagi Prefecture is a vast agricultural area.It is the center of agriculture, forestry and stock farming in "Food Kingdam Miyagi." Experience rice farming, vegetable cultivation, local craft making, etc., while enjoying exchanges with local people. Hot spring resorts such as Naruko, Hanayama and Kurikoma will become unforgettable.

Ishinomaki Ishinomaki and Kesennuma areas

Various views can be seen from the rugged coastline of Miyagi Prefecture from Ishinomaki to Oshika Peninsula, Minami Sanriku and Kesennuma and the abundant marine products vary from area to area. The Ishinomaki and Kinkasan areas have plentiful catches of sea squirts, sea urchins and saury, Minami Sanriku and Kesennuma areas have catches of shark fin, tuna and abalone. Enjoy the gourmet food each area has to offer.

Shiroishi and Zao areas

Shiroishi was constructed as a castle town of Katakura Kojuro, the right-hand subject of Date Masamune.Specialties of this area include umen noodles, Japanese paper, kokeshi dolls, and other products that have been handed down from the feudal age. To the west is Shichikashuku, to the north is Ogawara,Shibata, and to the east is Marumori, all historic towns. You can leisurely soak in the hot spring at the foot of the Zao mountains.

Miyagi's Specialties

Miyagi Prefecture produces distinguished crafts that have been handed down through a long history,harnessing the local resources found in this environmentally-rich prefecture. The prefecture is also a great granary in Japan with abundant water resources. There is a lot of food that takes advantage of the local climate. The traditional tastes produced in the life of common people are valued and kept.